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Free rides on Muni for everyone!

September 28, 2012

Grab the Muni Mitter app Apparently the app was taken down, so for now your ability to reset Muni’s limited use paper tickets to their original condition is suspended. You might be able to find it on a torrent, search for the app file “Muni Mitter.apk”

Hold the ticket to the back of an NFC enabled Android phone, and reset the ticket to the state it came out of the ticket vending machine. Beep.

Works for one ticket, sorry, no friends&family feature (yet).

  1. Buy a limited use ticket at one of the ticket vending machines
  2. Do not use the ticket right away: Fire up the Muni Mitter app, hold the unused ticket to the NFC reader of your Android Android, and set the unused ticket
  3. Now you can use the limited use ticket
  4. Do not mitter the ticket while riding – you need to retain your proof of payment
  5. After the trip, hold the used ticket to the NFC reader of your Android Android and mitter the ticket. Muni Mitter will write back the card as recorded in step 2
  6. Go ride again, rinse and repeat

Tested against Muni’s enforcement last night – passed just fine!

Update October 18: Apparently the limited use tickets are valid for only a couple of weeks. So ever so often the purchase of a new ticket seems in order.


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